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It has been our pleasure to serve over one million supporters, from the most popular sides such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, AC Milan, Juventus and Bayern Munich to the obscure national sides of Zanzibar, Sierra Leone, Mynamar and Palestine. The best shop for your FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Team USA Gear! You can check my recommended gear page where I refer to what I think is the best value-for-money soccer gear out there. This are the best shin guards out there right now for me. In my recommended soccer cleats section you’ll see my personal favorite cleats ,and you can read some tips on how to buy the best soccer cleat for you. Always make your research before buying a pair of cleats to see if they might suit you well. If you are on a low budget, you can always buy low-end cleats that big brands like Nike and Adidas make for about 60-120 dollars. When I was making the research for this article, I got surprised on how much people spent on unnecessary things like personal coaches, and exaggerated monthly fees on clubs.

You need to take into consideration that soccer clubs or teams are businesses. I’ve never seen Messi or Ronaldo pay a penny to play for their teams. For me, hiring personal soccer trainers is a waste of money considering you are already paying to be at a club with coaches that are training you to become a better player, but I included it because I’ve seen families hire those for their kids. Buy training equipment that can get to be very expensive. If you start buying and buying stuff, costs can add up very fast. Plus, families will have to cover travel costs and equipment to play the game (cleats, protection gear, and others). I would like to clarify that, most of the times, you won’t need to include all this expenses in the total costs to play soccer as some of them are unnecessary. We’ll break it down into the different expenses that the games involve. Medical insurance to cover any accident that might happen at games or in the field. Also gym memberships, for example, might already be included in the monthly fee or teams might do weight training in the soccer field instead and not in a gym.

Pay the rent for the training facilities if they don’t own one. Plus, all the other training gear like: cones, soccer balls, uniforms, weights, training rubber bands, etc, soccer team jerseys  can add up very quickly too. Those fees normally include uniforms, insurance, referees and coaches salaries, player development, etc. That’s without including registration fees that might be anywhere between 100-500 dollars. Personal coaches can charge about 30-50 dollars per week. This amount can easily be the second biggest expense in a family’s income statement during a year right behind their mortgage. In a study done by Utah State university they found out that the average amount of money families spend on sports a year is 2292 dollars. The president of the Freehold Soccer League called for an investigation in 2016 after learning that bills for uniforms were not paid and money was missing from bank accounts. I wrote an article called “The 20 Benefits of Soccer and How it Changed my life”, you definitely have to check that out and you’ll see why its worth paying the price.

Some of them even see it as an investment. Buying soccer gear is not an easy task, even for us, the soccer players. Mostly, the only things you’ll need are a good pair of soccer cleats, shin guards, goalkeeper gloves if you are goalkeeper, and a soccer ball. There are shin guards as cheap as 10 dollars. Today we are analyzing soccer’s case specifically. Now, this is not always the case and might vary in each country. Now a well-known favorite of the league, NCFC is one of the sport’s rising stars. Over the last year, soccer jerseys 2022 MAKO Medical Laboratories has conducted all coronavirus testing for both NCFC and NC Courage. “Thank you to MAKO for doing the testing that keeps our staff and players safe and healthy. Keeping strong ties to the wider community and supporting local talent will always be one of Mako’s values.About MAKO Medical Laboratories Backed by an expert team of nationally recognized doctors and PhDs, MAKO Medical Laboratories specializes in methodology development and pathological services. Chad Price is the CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories.

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